The Service Project . . . An excerpt

Please enjoy this excerpt from my short story, The Service Project.  We passed the word around the quorum that week that we’d meet Saturday morning to take care of Sister Claire’s yard. It was met with the usual half committed grumbles and litany of excuses. Come Saturday morning, I found myself pushing my lawnmower down the [...]



Anyone who has served as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints knows that for the duration of your mission you are never truly alone. You are assigned a companion and that companion is always with you. You live together, you sleep in the same bedroom (separate beds), you work all [...]

How To Have Better Sex Instantly

The date had been planned for weeks. There wouldn’t be anything special about the events of the evening. Instead, the expectation lay in how we were going to go about the evening. It was going to be a naughty one. We had booked a babysitter for the children. My husband got reservations for our favorite [...]

Back Seat Exploration

Hello everyone. Here's the latest excerpt from a new story that I'm writing. It's a story of exploration and hunger. This story comes nearly entirely from my own personal experience of a time before my mission. Lust has a powerful influence on us. It burns. Some people wither under it and others find their energy. [...]

5 Tips For More Sex

This post is a combination of advice and story time. So grab a chair and let’s have a sexy chat shall we? I promise I won’t bite. Actually, with the subject of this post, I actually can’t make that promise. I’ve written before that we are sexual creatures. To deny the fact that we have [...]

Let’s Get Personal . . .

I've had several people ask me if I do custom work. Well . . . behold! Your privacy is a top concern of mine and I will never violate your trust. All payments are done securely and discreetly through PayPal. Come on . . . give it a try.