New Story: To Lie Beneath

Hello everyone,

As I wrote about earlier here I have written a new story. It’s called To Lie BeneathAn Erotic Tale of Horror. And it’s just that. Horror. It’s not your cutesy girl falls in love with a vampire and they have hot and steamy sex kind of story.

In medieval times, people believed in many different kinds of demons. Two of which were the succubus and the incubus. A succubus was a female demon who seduced men. An incubus was the same thing but was a man who seduced women. In a time when you could literally say, “the devil made me do it!” they were a powerful belief.

My story follows the events of a man who unwittingly draws down upon himself a succubus. This story is not only explicit sexually it also is graphic from a horror perspective as well. It’s different from the other stories I’ve written. There’s actually a Halloween horror story writing contest every year on Amazon and this is my entry.

So, please support my efforts and buy the Kindle version here. Or you can buy a pdf directly from me through PayPal by clicking on the option below. And this time, have a spooky day.

To Lie Beneath: An Erotic Tale of Horror

PDF dowload of the story To Lie Beneath: An Erotic Tale of Horror delivered via email



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