Let’s Get Personal . . .

I’ve had several people ask me if I do custom work. Well . . . behold! Your privacy is a top concern of mine and I will never violate your trust. All payments are done securely and discreetly through PayPal. Come on . . . give it a try.


Custom Erotic Story

You are in control. Tell me the plot, who you want and I'll weave you a story fit to play out your greatest fantasies. Stories run between 5-6k words. Longer may be available but the price will change. We'll discuss the particulars over email.



Custom Erotic Letter for your Spouse or Significant Other

Same as the Custom Erotic letter but instead of written to you, I write it AS you for your spouse or significant other. It's a wonderful way to say something from your heart in my words to help spice things up or say the things you always wanted to but never could. We'll converse over email to get the details right.



Custom Erotic Letter

I will write for you a custom erotic letter between 1,000 and 2,000 words and send it to your email. We'll chat through email so that I can get the details right. The letter will be yours to keep. I'll use your name and any details you give me to give you just the excitement you want. The letter will be a fantasy of you and me. Or whoever else you want. Roll with it.



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