Train Ride Tryst

When I was a sister missionary, we would travel by train a lot in our country. Other districts were hours apart by train and so whenever we’d have zone conference, we’d have to get up early and travel 2 or 3 hours by train to that city, we’d stay all day and sometimes we’d have to stay overnight but usually, we’d just return late that same day.

One particular conference my poor companion got really sick towards the end of the day and so we decided to catch an earlier train from the other elders in our district going back home. The trains were basically just like you’d see in Harry Potter. There was a hallway and then little seating areas with benches that faced each other. They had sliding doors to the compartments and luggage racks above the seats. It was charming at first, but they usually smelled like cigarettes and urine. Or like someone had caught on fire, burned for a while and then someone else put them out by pissing on them. It was generally unpleasant. Not to mention it was also usually hot and bumpy and no one came by selling chocolate frogs. daylight-empty-farm-543223

We found a compartment that had a young couple in it but otherwise was empty. My companion just wanted to sleep and she looked like patient zero in a zombie movie so she didn’t care that we didn’t have the compartment to ourselves. We got settled in and I think she was asleep before the train even left the station.

The young couple was annoyingly in love. They kept whispering to each other, giggling and kissing each other on the neck and face. She was very attractive. She had stunning black hair that fell down in wavy curls. She had darker skin than most like she was native. She looked a lot like Esmerelda from the Disney movie, Hunchback of Notre Dame. He was just a regular looking dude. A bit lanky. She was clearly out of his league.

I was still fairly new and couldn’t understand the language very well yet, so I had difficulty understanding what they were whispering. Not that I wanted to eavesdrop anyway. My companion was passed out in a fever sweat on the bench. The conductor checked our tickets and I settled in for our long train ride. The heat and the movement of the train lulled me to sleep and I found my head nodding. I put up a resistance, but eventually couldn’t anymore.

When I woke up the couple was in the middle of a passionate make-out session. I had my head against the window and my hand over my eyes, so I pretended to be asleep not wanting to interrupt. They were really going at it. What shocked me was that the guy had his hands on her breasts over her shirt and she had her hand right on his crotch. I was still really young and naive back then and had never really seen anything like this before. It excited me. Then I felt guilty that it excited me but I watched discretely through my fingers.

Listening to her moans make my cheeks flush and I couldn’t take my eyes off her hand on his crotch. There was a bulge there. A big one. Her fingers were long and she had exotic fake nails on. She was raking her nails over the surface of what must have been his erect penis. I felt tingles in my lady parts, something that was relatively new to me.

Then the most shocking thing of all happened. She unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I’d never seen one like this in person before. It seemed bigger than what was possible. It had veins all over it and was just generally huge. It should have been ugly to me, but it wasn’t. I felt a surge between my legs. The woman then took it in her mouth and proceeded to give him a blow job. I’d never seen one before, but this lady could have taught a college course on it. She was good. It was thrilling to see how brazen she was. My companion or I could have woken up at any time for all they knew and they were still going for it. Maybe they knew I wasn’t asleep?

She ran her full lips up and down her shaft. The noises were wet and so strange to me. I was amazed she didn’t gag. She reached further down and pulled out his balls. They were big and his sack was loose and dark. She fondled them in her hand while continuing to work him with her mouth. I knew nothing about ejaculation and so I was mind-boggled when he began to shoot white jets of fluid all over her face. I could smell it in the tiny compartment. Like bleach or mushrooms. She giggled and then wiped her face with a tissue. His cock continued to throb but shrank wetly. Eventually, he stuffed it back in his trousers.

It was a thrilling experience. I told my companion about it when we got home and she was horrified! But intrigued. She kept asking me to give details. So I did. I’ll never forget that experience. When I got married my husband was impressed with my head-giving talents. I’d learned from an expert while on my mission. 


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