An Exercise in Imagination

An Exercise

I’d like you to do a little exercise with me for a moment. If I was there with you in person I’d ask you to close your eyes, but since you need them to read this post, let’s leave them open for now. Just use your imagination.

Imagine that there’s a room and in the center of that room stands a beautiful woman and she’s naked. Now that was a simple exercise, wasn’t it? One sentence was all I wrote. What did you see in your mind’s eye? You saw a naked woman standing in the middle of a room. Of course. So did I and so did everybody else who’s reading this post. But did we all see the same thing?


The Power of Imagination

I guess we did in a way, but with many differences. What did your woman look like? What color was her hair? What color were her skin and her eyes? Was she short or tall? Was she a woman you actually knew or had seen before? Was she a unique creation? Did she have small or large breasts or somewhere in-between? Was she shaved between her legs or not? Was she smiling? Did she want you?

What about the room? How did it look? As the writer of that sentence, I didn’t give you a lot of detail. I did that on purpose. I let your subconscious fill that space I left empty because it wasn’t important to my story. When you created the woman in your mind, your imagination filled in as much or as little detail as you could. beautiful-beauty-blond-458429

That’s the power of written erotica. When you watch porn or see a photograph of a naked man or woman you see what’s on the screen. It’s exciting. It’s arousing. When I do the same thing with words, your mind creates the image and many people find that even more powerful and more arousing because your mind is in charge and it creates what it wants to see. That’s the power of imagination.


Another Exercise

Right now my husband is away at work and the kids are away at school. I’m home all alone except for our yappy dog who’s barking at nothing in particular out the front window. I’m sitting in an office chair in front of our computer and I’m totally naked. Currently, I have brown hair with chestnut highlights that comes down to the middle of my shoulders. It’s wavy and matches my hazel eyes. My skin is pale and I have freckles across my nose. My breasts are large for a woman of my build I have large light pink areolas. I have a mostly flat tummy, but it’s the tummy of a mother. My legs are smooth because I shaved them this morning along with my light brown bush. Beneath that is . . . well . . . it’s getting wet.

I can feel the eyes of your imagination on my body and while you’re not seeing me directly, you’re seeing a creation of me in your mind. It’s yours and belongs only to you. Just like I see all of you in mine. I can only imagine that perhaps some of you are aroused right now which is good because so am I. What naughty things will our imaginary selves do to each other?



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