My Fantasy

I have really enjoyed writing this blog so far. I love seeing all you enjoy it as well. I’m always thinking of new ways that I can bring exciting content to you. So feel free to contact me and leave me feedback.

Last night I lay in my bed trying to get to sleep. My husband always falls asleep long before I do and so I had some time to think about what I should write about next. I want to be as authentic as possible in my writing which is why I tell so many true and personal stories and why even my fictional stories are based in truth. So I decided to reveal on my secret fantasies. I’m sure even my husband will be surprised as he reads this post with all of you.

The challenge and the problem

I’m sure you’ve heard of something called the “pizza delivery challenge”. It’s basically when delivery food is ordered and a woman answers the door naked, or in a towel and it “accidentally” falls off, etc. As I said, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. And the thought of doing it excites me. I love the thought of being exposed to a total stranger and seeing the shock on their face. It’s pure excitement. The only problem is that poor delivery person.

Now, I know what you’re saying, “Heck yeah! I’d love to be that guy!” and I bet you most people would. But what if they didn’t? Consent is super important and the delivery person can’t consent to it. So in a way, it’s a form of sexual assault. Jeez, Meredith! What a joy-kill! Lighten up! I know. I know. But sex is an important thing and often times we let sex become a poison inside of us instead of an elixir of life. Poison destroys and hurts, damages and destroys. Sex can do that. Or rather, toxic sex can do that. Positive sex always brings people together and that’s what you’ll always find in my stories and on this blog.

So the question is, how can I take what excites me about the “delivery challenge” and turn it sex-positive? The only answer I have is a fantasy.

The Fantasy

I would need to be in a place I’ve never been before, someplace nearly public or rented out. It would be evening and quiet. My husband and I would have been out to a fancy dinner or evening out on the town dressed in our finest. I’m wearing pearls. I look dang good in pearls by the way. They compliment my brown hair and of course would look great in the black dress I’m wearing. 5492fe6b98b7e_800

We arrive at the new place and it seems like an art gallery. My husband, who is dressed in a tuxedo takes out a blindfold and tells me I’ll have to wear it. It’s soft and comfortable and completely covers my eyes. I can see nothing. My other senses are heightened. I get a feel for the space around me by the sounds. I can smell the leather of the upholstery in the room that I could not see before. And yes, I can hear a muffled conversation coming from a crowd of people in the next room. A crowd I didn’t know would be there.  

My husband takes my arm and escorts me through the darkness. Blindfolded, I trust in his guidance. Not being able to see makes me feel exposed and vulnerable. He walks us up to a door and opens it. A flood of sound burst out of the open door, a crowd loudly talking. They hush each other and quiet down at our appearance at the door. We cross the threshold into the room.

The room is warmer than the hallway, heated by the bodies of the many people in it. They are quiet and I can feel them watching me intensely as I am led to what I can only imagine is the center of the room. My husband comes to a halt and leaves me there. Without him holding my arm I feel slightly dizzy. I don’t know what I am supposed to do so I just stand there. I am disoriented and can’t even tell where the door was that I came through. The room is just a void of warm space filled with strangers. Not a hint of light penetrates my blindfold. I am helpless.

I feel fingers on my shoulders. They have a light touch and I cannot tell if they are a man’s or a woman’s. A different set of fingers brushes my lower back, another run across my stomach. I’m being caressed by people who I cannot see. The feeling adds to my disorientation. Though I am standing, I feel like I am floating. It is as if there is no floor and I am floating weightless through space. The fingers become hands and they rub me gently from a dozen different directions. I get goosebumps with their touch. One had strays to my bottom and gently grabs my ass. Another cups my breast over my dress while yet another grabs my other one. Normally I would be frightened at such an occurrence, but not now.

In the darkness, I realize what’s going on. Everyone in the room is taking their turn with me. If that’s the case, there must be a hundred people in this room. Men and women both. The touching stops leaving me standing alone, tingling from the caresses of strangers. There is silence and I wait for what’s coming next. Someone takes hold of the zipper at the back of my black dress and unzips it slowly. I feel the dress become loose around my shoulders. When the zipper is down, someone else from the front slides it off my shoulders and it tumbles to the ground. A thrill of excitement shoots through my body. I feel my labia swell with arousal.

I’m standing blindfolded in a room of strangers in my heels, my black thigh-high stockings my garments and my bra. The pearls still decorate my neck and chest. I can’t tell if it’s from the excitement or the cold, but my nipples are erect and must be visible from underneath my bra. I feel the closeness of other individuals as they stand close to me. My bra is deftly removed by someone and my top is pulled up over my head. With my bottoms and tights still on, I am topless. My breasts are exposed for all to see but there is not a sound from the crowd. They hang free and heavy, pricked in goosebumps. My bottoms are removed next with my stockings and my shoes. I now am wearing only pearls and a blindfold.

My upper thighs are moist with my arousal. I have never been this wet. My swollen sex is evidence of my extreme arousal. I feel like I could orgasm if breathed on the right way. That is when my arm is taken and I am guided to a soft platform. A bed! It must be. It’s soft and comfortable and warm. I am directed to kneel on all fours on it. My ass is exposed and I feel a drop fall from my lips. I’m literally dripping wet. Someone pushes my head down and I am in the undignified pose of a bitch waiting to be mounted. What happens next happens quickly. I feel what must only be the smooth tip of a hard penis. Its owner lubricates it up and down my slit with my copious wetness. And then with a gentle press, it’s inside me. I’m swollen with excitement and so it’s girth takes me by surprise, but even under normal circumstances, it would be a large load for anyone to take. I can’t tell if it’s my husband or not, and I don’t care.

My moans are the only sound in the room. My moans and the gentle slapping of naked flesh on flesh. I feel my butt wiggle with each thrust, making forward waves with each movement. My fists grab the sheets of the bed and hold on tight. Under the blindfold, my eyes roll back in my head with pleasure. The thrusting intensifies and I know that I will soon crest in pleasure and so will whoever is riding me. We orgasm together and I feel his seed shooting inside me. His penis pulsing powerfully. My vagina grasps it tightly. I cannot tell where he ends and I begin. My lover pulls out and I feel his seed slide out of me.

Did everyone have a good look? How many people watched that? I am taken and stood up from the bed, more hot seed runs down my leg and on to the floor. I am carefully redressed, the sticky sweetness lingering between my legs making my clean clothes dirty. I am led from the room back into the hallway. It’s much cooler there, almost cold. The blindfold is removed and even the gloom of the hallway is blinding. My husband takes my arm again and leads us out of the building back to our car and home again without saying a word.

How’s that for a fantasy? Tell me what you think.


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