Sneak Peek

I’ve decided to include a sneak peek from my upcoming story “The Dancer.” This is one of the first erotic scenes in the story. I hope you enjoy.

A Scene From “The Dancer”

I lay on the bed on my back, my mind in a blank grey wandering. I didn’t notice that I was stroking my hand up and down my torso, but it felt good in a disassociated way. I brought my hand up closer and ran it under my breast. And then the other. I got goosebumps and my nipples went hard like I was cold. I did it again and again. I had played like this a few times before, usually after crying. I ran my fingers up and traced tiny circles around my stiffened nipples. I felt each bump on my raised areolas under the fabric and the fine tiny hairs on my chest stood on end. My breathing was getting deeper.

pexels-photoI continued to trace with one hand and cupped my left breast in the other. I loved the way they felt under the silky smoothness of my garments. I pulled down the left side and drew my breast out. The skin was extremely smooth around the underside of my boob. I flushed as I squeezed it gently. It sent electric shocks down my center to the middle of my legs. I hadn’t realized but I was beginning to writhe in pleasure, twisting the sheets beneath me and all from touching my breasts. I sat up and pulled my top off. It felt good to be free. I continued my massage of pleasure.

Images began to flash in my mind. Abstract, meaningless at first. Grabbing my husband’s butt as he ground over me as we had sex. The feeling of his balls as they slapped my clitoris when we did it doggy style. Sister McLeod twerking. Wait? What?! Why was that there? I couldn’t really focus, the pleasure was working like a drug, making me slip back into the fog of lust. I reached my hand down and slid it past the elastic waistband of my garments. My hair was soft and thick and wet. My lips parted eagerly and I found my clitoris erect and awaiting my response. I maneuvered my two fingers on either side of it and stroked it gently. It was slick and I could hear the warm wet sounds my fingers made as they moved.

Images came back. I loved that first moment when my husband penetrated me each time we made love, the smoothness of his shaft making his way into me. The kisses we share. Sister McLeod’s breasts in her sports bra, her nipples standing out as they bounce to the intense rhythm of her loud Latin music. My pleasure crested at that point and I shuddered in orgasm. I was making quiet gasps. My lower lips felt swollen against the warm wetness of my fingers. Goosebumps once again stood out on my skin. . .

Feel teased? Good. Have a horny day!


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