Latter-Day Confessions: Sinful Shorts

Here is another publication, Latter-Day Confessions: Sinful Shorts. This is another side-series in conjunction with the larger Latter-Day Confessions Series. They’re shorter stories and they’re only $0.99. So for the price of an iTunes song you can have a sexy sensual experience. They’re also included if you have Kindle unlimited. I don’t get paid for writing that, it’s just a perk.


Why do I charge for my work? Well, because it’s a fair exchange. I give you the good and service of my writing and you give me money for it. If you like it, you’ll keep buying them. If not, well no harm done. It’s America people! 🙂

The Problem with Porn

Porn has a tricky problem. I believe a person has the right to do with their body as they please. That includes having porn as a career choice. I have known a few people in my life who have worked as professional prostitutes. More power to them. But so much porn is involuntary. I’m sure you’ve seen it. Revenge porn is a thing. People steal other people’s nudes without their permission. I’ve seen that happen on Tumblr more times than I can count. It’s heartbreaking to the people it happens to. I work diligently to ensure that all the photos I’ve shared are done so with consent, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

Professional pornography is worse! Actresses are often pressured to do scenes against their will, being threatened with not getting paid or even with violence. Porn actresses do not control their work after it’s been published and have no control over their likeness forever and ever. Porn sets are often the scenes of actual rape and violence off camera as men and women are manipulated against their will.

A few companies go out of their way to produce “ethical porn”. Pornography in which everything is done with explicit consent. is one such site. But even then, problems happen.

The Power of the Written Word

The written work that I do is 100% ethically produced. All my characters have given their consent to be in the work, because, well I created them. 🙂 When my confessions are based literally on an individual’s experience that they have confided to me, or is autobiographical, I have changed the details enough so that it’s impossible to tell who the actual people are. There is no chance of harassment or violation.

So read away in a guilt-free environment, and as always, Have a Horny day!




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