Welcome to my blog!

A wise man named Jackie Treehorn once said, “The mind is the largest erogenous zone” and I believe that to be true. As a woman, I enjoy seeing sexy pecropped-pexels-photo-1049687ople as much as the next person, but when something engages my imagination the power is magnified many times.

I love to write and read and so, naturally, sexy stories draw in my attention. But many of those stories are poorly written and I’m turned off by the subject matter.

I’m also a Latter-day Saint woman and there’s a profound dearth of Mormon erotica in the world. See a need, fill a need! I host a blog on Tumblr which is much more blatantly “sexy”. I wrote a few fantasy stories there and they received a lot of attention and I got a lot of positive feedback. This led me to write a longer work.

I started a series called Latter-day Confessions and published them on Kindle. So far, the response has been great! So why this blog? I suppose you could consider those publications the “main series” and this is more like the “bonus features” behind the scenes, some exclusive free content, etc. So sit back and enjoy the ride!


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