Latter-Day Confessions: Volume 1

The Series

Volume 1 of the Latter-Day Confessions series. In this short story, an active LDS wife and mother is faced with the repercussions of meeting her former boyfriend online. Erotica often works best in short-form fiction. I suppose that’s why porn is often shown in short clips. And so it is that with erotica, the short story is king. Or should it be queen? 😉1

My goal is to have a lengthy series of short encounters. They all occur in the same “universe” and so there are chances that characters will meet and know one another as time progresses.

Erotica vs. Porn?

I am often asked what the difference is between erotica and porn. A common distinction I have found is that porn is more explicit and erotica is more of an experience. But that definition tends to fall flat. People tend to throw the word porn around very flippantly. There’s a billboard I see in Salt Lake City all the time that says Cosmopolitan (a woman’s magazine) is Porn!

Other women who denounce porn on Sunday will gladly read the Twilight series or Fifty Shades of Grey, lie to themselves about getting off on it and call it “erotic literature”, though they may shun the term “erotica”.

So the distinction in my mind is Porn is depictions of sex and sexuality you don’t approve of and erotica is depictions of sex and sexuality you do. That’s a lame definition but it’s supposed to be.

Sex is Good

We are sexual creatures. It’s part of who each one of us is. We may fight it or deny or seek to repress it or change it or enjoy it. But it’s there. What I try and deliver are respectful depictions of sex that show how normal Latter-day Saint individuals interact with it and how it often provides unexpected opportunities to grow and heal.

If my writing happens to make you hard to get you wet. Good! I’m glad. It’s served its purpose, but perhaps there’s a little bit more going on? Find your own relationship with sex.



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