Coming Soon . . .

The piece that I’m currently working on is about an LDS wife who discovers the joy of her sexuality through dancing. Everything I write has a little autobiography in it. I suppose that’s why they say write what you know and I also actually do base my stories on real “confessions” that I’ve heard from fans and friends alike.

Once, before I had children, some friends and I to


ok a “girls trip” down to Las Vegas. None of us were old enough to gamble or drink and we weren’t the drinking type anyway. We were good LDS girls 😉 But we saw that there was a strip club down there that hosted an amateur night. We teased each other and things got wild and so we went.

I’d never been in a strip club before or since and in the end none of us got up the nerve to dance. But we certainly stayed. It’s was strange. Guys lolled all over us and the women on stage were powerful. There was a magic in what they were doing. They were controlling the men through the movements of their bodies. The men were their slaves. These were businessmen and workers alike, and each of them was giving these women their money. They literally looked drugged.

Women have always danced for men and in ancient cultures, it was always seen as magic. Women danced to bring in the spring and the harvest. In the bible, a woman danced before the king and claimed John the Baptist’s head. A similar thing happens in the Book of Mormon. A woman who dances for a man evokes a power over him. That’s why cultures try and condemn it and control it. A woman’s body is magic.

And so, my next story will highlight that for you, in glorious and exquisite detail.


Meredith. Xoxoxo




One thought on “Coming Soon . . .

  1. I’m so excited to read your blog! I’ll be eagerly awaiting this story. I totally agree with you about the power of a woman’s body, and I’m ready for you to captivate me, ha! Put your hooks into my mind and I’m yours…


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